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Kefalonia - Trapezaki, Greece
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  • Venere

    Admin wrote on Jan 23, 2014 19:37:

  • Accommodation in Nostos

    Ηλίας&Βενετία wrote on Aug 10, 2011 21:13:

    We had our best vacations spent in Nostos due to the excellent residence.
    The room was not only clean but comfortable and with an amazing view.
    Our breakfast was both fresh and traditional.
    We propose Nostos rooms for a pleasant residence!

  • Ana & David

    Ana wrote on Aug 07, 2011 23:04:

    We got back from Cephalonia yesterday,and we had such a great time there,these appartments are on the best location becouse they have amazing view from the balcony,and they are very clean, the owners are very kind,and the pool is very good for children:)

  • Nostos

    Tanya & Phil wrote on May 19, 2010 12:45:

    We 1st stayed at Nostos in 1998 for 2 weeks and had a fabulous time. We didn't have any children then.
    We went back to Nostos in July 08 with our 2 children for 1 week, Theo and his family are lovely and will do anything for you. My little girl cried when we had to leave as she enjoyed it so much. it's in a beautiful location and would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  • Hols

    Dave& Cathy Williams wrote on Jan 09, 2009 14:20:

    Although its 5 years since we stayed at the Nostos it still remains one of the best holidays we've ever had . Theo and his daughter Denise make you feel like part of the family .

  • My Opinion for the Hotel

    Billy wrote on Oct 26, 2007 17:00:

    In my opinion, this is one of the best hotels I've ever gone to! I'm 12 years old and I went there at 11th October! I was so lucky cause I found at least 6 kids there, so I had company to play there and I wasn't alone! The service at Nostos was very good and we didn't have any problems at our staying! It was great and I wish to go again there because I had a great,time there!

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